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I have lived and painted in Connecticut most of my life and have felt a strong connection with the Connecticut Impressionists.

Fleeting moments are my favorites to depict. There is something in the urgency that brings out my full concentration and spontaneity - a flowering tree, a clearing storm, or a sunlit moment in time.

I paint each painting for a reason, and I try to remind myself of that reason as I paint. Reasons might be the curve of the land, colors and lights in the water, a blooming tree or just the wonderful history of a place such as Weir Farm.

Coming Soon:  View Tina Waring demonstrating the progression of a painting and relating her experiences while working plein air.

Plein air painting, painting on site, has provided me with the moments of experience that it takes to develop visual depth and emotional understanding.




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This medium can have a juicy freshness when it is handled with a clean and bold spontaneity, much like the qualities of a fresh summer watermelon.